Welcome to the Euro Youth Hotel

a home for globetrotters
since 1998

Welcome to the Euro Youth Hotel Munich.

Blurring the lines between Hostel and Hotel since 1998. 100% hostel in spirit, you can enjoy the fun without having to give up on the comfort.

The Ho(s)tel is located just 100m from Munich's main train station.

The grand old building has a rare charm, but what really makes the hostel special is the atmosphere created by the interactions of guests and staff from all corners of the globe. Every evening new friendships are forged over a beer, under the dimmed chandeliers in the hostel bar.

Although the EYH is geared mostly towards a younger clientelle, any traveller who would describe themselves as young at heart will always be made welcome. We just ask that any guest bring an open mind, good humour, and if you're staying in a shared room, at least one clean pair of socks.


Opened in 1998 we've made every effort to improve with age and use feedback from our guests as motivation to keep on doing so.

Our staff are multilingual socialites who sacrifice any free time when they're not travelling themselves to eating, drinking and partying their way around Munich so as to be able to offer you the very best tips to help you make the most out this great city.

We take pride in our hostel and hope to be able to welcome you here soon : )