Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Find the Best of Bavaria with these great travel apps for backpackers!

Looking to find where to go and what to see in and around Munich?? There’s an app for that.

If you’re lucky enough to have time to explore some of Bavaria then there are also some great tips for where to go for day trips and further. Check out these top apps for making the most of your trip when backpacking Bavaria!

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Everything Munich – The Official App (

This is the tourist board app that has everything Munich listed, from practical information that you can search by distance to what’s going down in town. Great place to start if you want to know what’s going on and discover the city. Find sights, events, and of course, beer halls! or Munich Offline Maps

Find your way around without worrying about your data -simply download or all your maps to use offline! This will make your life easier getting around town, and also points out places of interest around. Munich offline maps also has a great metro map for finding your way around underground.

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Munich Travel Guide by Triposo

This guide works offline and has a whole host of recommended site seeing, and a handy restaurant search. Find some great food and cool bars – and plan your triposo!

This is the place to find out all about Oktoberfest! With a lot of people, tents and things to see and do – you’ll probably want this handy app to help you around – it also has all the events in the calendar so you don’t miss out. You’ll definitely be grateful for the map after a few drinks.

Palace app – Schlosspark Nymphenburg

The famous palace isn’t free to enter but the gardens are, and they have their own app to find your way around their vast 180 acre park! Not just for plant fanatics, there are lots of park sites and pre-loaded tours to check out – all data free.

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Public Transport – MVV

This is your public transport go-to app. Not only a journey planner but you can also get messages about live updates, such as cancellations, and you can buy tickets online – always at the lowest prices. There is also the MVG Fahrinfo app which is similar but without bookings.

Clubbing – Clubago

If you want to hit the dance floor, or simply sip a cocktail, then you can search Clubago for local nightlife tailored to your needs. Find your preferences and let the night unfurl!

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Football – Bayern Munich

If you’re a Bayern Munich fan then you’re going to want to have this little beauty to get all the latest news from this awesome mega team. Find out what’s new, see live tv, videos, score updates – everything you can think of to do with enjoying the match – apart from being there live…

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Exploring – Komoot

Enjoy the mountains and lakes without getting hopelessly lost! Komoot is a tool that help you finds your way around your local country environment, so if you’re hiking or biking then you can find trails and routes and add points to maps. Since Munich is bang next to the Bavarian Alps, this is a great way to find your way through the mountains and woods and check out some of our glorious scenery! It can even talk to you – if you like!

We hop you enjoyed our Top Travel Apps for Backpacking Bavaria – book your bed with us at Euro Youth Hotel

The Best Places to Ski near Munich

Visit Munich and have a Day Trip Skiing!

Want to go skiing near Munich? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got Germany’s highest mountain a stone’s throw away – and Olympic sites. It doesn’t get much better than that… check out our Bavarian Alps!

The Best Places to Ski near Munich

You can ski on the mountains at the back ^^^^ !!

We’ve got mountains! Come to visit Munich and you can enjoy a cheeky day skiing in our nearby beautiful Bavarian Alps. Efficient trains and mind blowing mountains make it a quick and easy experience from right on our doorstep. Here’s how to have a day out, or even make a weekend of it…

The Best Places to Ski near Munich

Bavarian Alps are the best

If you like a quickie: Day Trip it from Munich
Alpen Plus cable cars and ski resorts

From Munich you can easily enjoy a day trip skiing and still be back in the city for some chilled evening beers. There are the famous Garmisch-Classic or Zugspitze ski areas accessible by train, and Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld and Brauneck. For the more adventurous there’s also Bergbahnen Hindelang-Oberjoch if you want to make a longer trip.


On the piste

If you’re looking to head out for a day trip, your best bet is to get the Combi Ticket for train and ski pass with the Alpen Plus cable cars and ski resorts. You can go to either Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld or Brauneck. The first is better for beginners and intermediates rather than advanced. You can find out about the combination ticket here

There are happy hour ski passes, family days, ladies days, night skiing and all the latest ski condition reports on the Alpen Plus website – it also has information on how to get there from Munich.


The Joy of Ski

One hour south of Munich is the famous holiday destination of Garmisch-Partenkirchen; a beautiful Alpine town with great views and traditional houses. This lively town has plenty of history and offers the best way to get to the slopes and enjoy some of the natural beauty surrounding it. 



Oberjoch – the joy of snow

For a longer trip lovers: Weekend Away

Olympic Skiing at Garmisch and Zugspitze

If you want to see Germany’s biggest mountain- Zugspitze – then head to Garmisch – the site of the Winter Olympics and one of the best ski areas. Here you can get a combination train ticket and ski pass for not more than the pass alone; find out about times and prices here. If you’re heading to Bergbahnen Hindelang-Oberjoch find out more here


The Best Places to Ski near Munich

You can be like her! Just get your Garmischer Ski-Ticket from DB

Get high in the mountains

If you want to experience the ‘top’ of Germany then look no further. We’ve got Mount Zugspitze in all its glory on our Bavarian doorstep. And – there is a new cable car to it. There are 3 world firsts here 

  1. The world’s highest cable car support tower at 127m
  2. The greatest altitude difference of 1,945m (don’t get sick)
  3. The world’s longest free span covering 3,213m

From the 360 degree panorama you can see mountain peaks from four countries! 

This is not only a great place to ski but there are also just amazing views, natural wonders and a cogwheel train so you can stay warm and look out the window instead. 

Find out more here


The Best Places to Ski near Munich

Zugspitze – check out how pointy that is!

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Christmas Markets in Munich 2017

Ice skating, gingerbread, roast pork and glugwein; Munich at Christmas is straight out of a festive fairy tale!! Here’s our low down on what you simply can’t miss!

If you haven’t visited Munich’s Christmas Markets before then you’re in for a full-on festive treat! Famous for the traditional markets dating back to the 14th century with their handmade toys, delicious food, and of course gingerbread; Munich also offers alternative markets with live music, art installations and circus performances. There are many different markets around town (it’s not just one) so get your hat and gloves on and roll on up for the best markets in Europe! (Nuremberg may be bigger… but not better!!)

 Christmas Markets in Munich



The most famous of the many Christmas markets in Munich is the Christkindlmarkt in Marienplatz (Munich’s main square) with traditional Christmas gifts and the biggest Christmas tree in Munich. There are concerts here nightly, including traditional Christmas carols sung from the balcony, and lots of mulled wine and traditional Christmas sweets. This is the sweet spot for your instagram snaps of gingerbread and colourful gifts!

 Christmas Markets in Munich

Middle Age Market

If you’re all about the traditional roast pork (and who isn’t in Munich??) then get yourself along to the Middle Age Market for some delicious food and drink. There’s also some great medieval music if that’s your thing to get your groove on to! 

Things to see and do in Munich this April

Pink Christmas

Have a gay old time at the Pink Market in the English Garden at the Chinese Tower – this is an LGTB special with lots of beer (of course), music and food. There are also alternative gifts if you’re looking for something a bit different. 

Krampus Run

The famous Krampus Run

The Krampus Run

If you have kids then don’t miss out on scaring the hell out of them at Munich’s famous Krampus Run! This is a collection of terrifying beasts (or at least costumes) that traditionally run around town surprising passers-by. The Krampus Run is a tradition folk festival that can only be found in Bavaria and neighbouring Austria. It originates from the mythical beastly Krampus – a companion to St Nicholaus (the good one in red with the presents) who frightens children and chases them around – to frighten them into behaving next year! 

With furry suits and big gnarly horns on their head, these shaggy devils are guaranteed to give you a fright! There are 300 of them running through the streets creating mischief during the famous traditional ‘run’ – don’t miss it if you’re coming to Munich! There is one in the Munich Christmas Market on December 11th 3-5pm, and on December 18th from 4-5pm and is by the traditional 1st Munich Krampus Group ‘Sparifankerl Pass.’ This is a really unique experience and you’re guaranteed to see something very different!

 Christmas Markets in Munich
Image from Tollwood’s website

Tollwood Winterfestival Alternative Market

Less traditional but possibly even more awesome is the Tollwood Winterfestival – They have a live circus, art performances, installation art, live music concerts, DJs and much more. And all of it is free! There is of course lots of delicious organic food and drinks – the organisation prides itself on being very ecologically responsible – and enjoy workshops, theatre and cabaret. What’s not to love about Tollwood??

The famous Cirque Eloize is performing at this year’s festival and they throw an amazing New Year’s Eve party too – find out all the events taking place here.

23rd Nov – 23rd Dec
26th Nov closed

Mon – Fri 2 pm – 11.30 pm

Sat/Sun 11 am – 11.30 pm

23rd Dec until 10 pm

Christmas Markets

Christmas Market treats

If you’re looking for more Christmas markets for day trips, then the world’s largest is at nearby Nuremberg (until 24th December) along with impressive markets at Augsburg (until 24th December), Regensburg (until 23rd December) and Salzburg in neighbouring Austria.

We hope you enjoy Munich’s Traditional Christmas Markets 2017! Book your bed direct with us for the best price at Euro Youth Hotel

The Best Art Galleries and Museums in Munich

The Best Art Galleries and Museums in Munich

Let’s get cultural!

Munich has some awesome museums and if you’re visiting us this November you really have no excuse not to check out some of the amazing exhibitions taking place at our top notch art meccas. Plus – it’s a great activity for a rainy day – so get yourself along to one of these!

Let’s start with the most famous trio… the Pinakotheks!

The best art galleries and museums in Munich

Alte Pinakothek (Old)

Opening in 1836 this beautiful museum was another project by King Ludwig 1, with the building destroyed in WWII (and making the 1982 ’New’ Pinakothek) the museum has moved. The renovated building is the home to the Renaissance Masters in Munichwith artwork from Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci and Rubens on display amongst others. There is also of course an impressive amount of German Masters and a very nice coffee shop! 

The Old Pinakothek is having some renovations this year so check before you go to make sure you’re not disappointed! Closed Monday. 

The best art galleries and museums in Munich

Neue Pinakothek (New)

Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Cezanne, Manet… this gallery has all the famous European modernist artists and some extra German ones. This is the new gallery (think Impressionists and 19th c art) and hosts masterpieces from the past century. This is also the place to catch Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Monet’s Lilly-pads – lucky there are a few versions around the world! Closed Tuesday.

The best art galleries and museums in Munich

Pinakothek der Moderne (Modern)

Happily – there is yet another one! And – you can get in on the same entrance ticket. This is the modern art mecca which hosts a whole load of avant garde artists and a wide range of installation works.

There are also some great modern exhibitions this year/ early 2018 with the highlights being Japanese photographer Araki’s shots of ‘Tokyo’ and Seth Price’s ‘Social Synthetic’ and Anselm Kiefer.

The best art galleries and museums in Munich

Deutsches Museum

The German Museum is pretty large so don’t expect to see it all in a quick trip; but if you’re into oceanography, planetariums and interactive science experiments – definitely go! The exhibitions are made for touching and feeling so take advantage of all the science and nature themed interactive displays so you can get involved! The most popular display is the high voltage show. It’s also a great activity if you’re traveling with kids. Entrance is 10 euros but covers three museums.


The best art galleries and museums in Munich

The best art galleries and museums in Munich

BMW Welt (or World)

Even if you’re not a fan of cars, Munich is synonymous with BMWs and the BMW World (or Welt) just proves it! Even the building is cutting edge cool architecture. All things automobile are explained here, and of course there are some really cool displays. There are lots of interactive events and activities here, and kids stuff as well as a really good looking cafe with a view too. They also have exhibitions of past, present and future cool cars, so this is one to watch out for if you’re a car lover!

We hope you enjoyed our museums and art galleries not to miss – come and see us in Munich soon! The Euro Youth Team

Oktoberfest 2017 in Munich

Join us for Oktoberfest 2017 in Munich and enjoy the world’s biggest beer party!

Find out what the highlights are for this year’s most awesome beer fest with our handy look at the official Oktoberfest programme.

Oktoberfest 2017 Arrives in MunichWhat is this Oktoberfest?

The world’s biggest and best beer celebration – officially!! For two weeks and with over 6 million visitors, the biggest beer festival in the world takes place in Munich this September. The festival began in 1810 and now hosts millions of happy locals and tourists alike for two weeks of celebrating beer. This is done in numerous beer tents, often in traditional costume and enjoying the famous ‘oom pah’ music, as well as with a host of parades and events that take place every day throughout the festival.

Don’t Miss

The gun salute on the last day of Oktoberfest – at 12 noon. This is a big Bavarian tradition and one not to miss!

Oktoberfest 2017 Arrives in Munich
Beer and more! 

The festival traditionally kicks off with the opening of the first barrel of beer, the festivities continue with lots of… beer… merry making and of course lots of amusement rides to have a go on (after you’ve had a few beers). The highlights are seeing the traditional costumes, the awesome free concerts, the noisy gun salutes, the fairground rides, and…. tasting all the different Bavarian beers!

There is also of course delicious German food such as hendl (roast chicken), schweinsbraten (delicious roast pork) and the gingerbread hearts that are a postcard favourite (and of course taste amazing).

Check out the programme for the 2017 Oktoberfest here

Oktoberfest 2017 Arrives in MunichBe Prepared

Like a scout, you must be prepared for Oktoberfest. The beer is strong – especially if you’re not used to the local offers, and the day is long. There are 14 beer tents and you will be lucky to get a seat, so get there early! Last year 7.5 million litres of beer was consumed so don’t worry about it running out.

Oktoberfest 2017 Arrives in Munich

Oktoberfest 2017 Arrives in Munich

Quick Facts:

Do I need to pay?

It’s free to enter! But you do need a free ticket and to enter in the appropriate places for bag checks and security.

What if I don’t drink beer?

Well…there are things to do that are not just drinking beer – there are plenty of things for kids in the family areas

When does it close?

At 1.30am, but it opens again at 8am so there’s plenty of time to enjoy it

Can I take a bag?

Yes as long as it fits the dimensions on the website and contains nothing dangerous – there is luggage storage.

Enjoy yourself at Oktoberfest 2017!!

Images from and


Cool Things to see around Munich

Check out these cool things to see around Munich!

Visiting us here in Munich? Check out some of our local talent!

Cool Things to see around Munich

The Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace

The ‘Schloss Nymphenburg’ is a 17th century fairytale palace hosting several museums and set in wooded grounds with sculpted gardens. The palace itself began as a summer palace with similar architecture to Paris’ Versaille palace, then in the 18th century was given a baroque facelift, changing the geometric complex into a more natural design. Easy to get to from town (it’s just 13 minutes on the tram from central station) you can even just check out the grounds for free if you don’t want to pay for the entrance ticket (prices vary depending on season – check here). For summer 2017 there is some restoration work taking place in the Southern Salettl so see their site before you go! 

Cool Things to see around Munich

The Olympic Park

The Olympic Park

A must for all architecture and sporting fans, the 1972 Olympic Park (containing the Olympic Stadium, Tower and the Hill) is also now emblematic on the city’s skyline. Plenty of events take place in the park now including concerts and fairs, and of course sporting events. Originally built for “The Cheerful Games” of 1972, the Olympics were aimed at presenting a better (West) Germany since the last Olympics under the Nazi regime in 1936, but unfortunately has been remembered in history for the massacre which took place of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorist. Two years after the Olympics were held here it hosts the World Cup Final where the West Germany football team beat the Dutch to claim the winning top spot. These days the Park is also the mecca for BMW fans. The tower and the Hill here are also two of the city’s best spots to see a panoramic view stretching out to the Alps!


Check out these cool things to see around Munich! Visiting us here in Munich? Check out some of our local talent!

Allianz Arena


Munich’s Football Mecca – The Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is home to multi European Cup winners FC BAYERN MUNICH and 1860 Munich – a Mecca for all footy lovers and a huge 70,000 seater stadium. Affectionately known as a spaceship after dark, you can catch tours of the stadium, or better still – a home match. Tickets for Bayern are harder to come by than 1860 Munich, but check out our article on how to here…

Cool Things to see around Munich

Herrenchiemsee Palace

Herrenchiemsee Palace

This palace was modelled on Versaille by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who wanted to create a “temple of glory” here in 1873. It’s set on the island of Herreninsel, on the lake between Munich and Salzburg – with quite a view! The Schloss Herrenchiemsee was never finished actually (some of the rooms inside were never decorated), but the ones that were are exquisitely done in French Rococo style. When the king died only the gardens and fountains were finished. To get there from Munich you can take the train to Chiemsee then a steam train (or by foot) and then a boat. It’s an adventure but we think it’s worth it! 

Cool things to do in Munich

Bavarian Alps

The Bavarian Alps

Within an hour you can be outside of the city and into the Alps in nearby Tegernsee. 20 minutes more and you can be at Garmisch Partenkirchen – home to the 1936 Winter Olympics and a great place to hike in summer. From here you can check out Germany’s highest mountain – the Zugspitze and the beautiful Partnachklamm gorge. For the adventurous you can also hike up to Ludwig’s lodge up the Schachen. Plan your trip here

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Cool Things to see around Munich



Win a month long trip around Europe for free

Blog and Win – your trip around Europe with Famous Hostels!

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Blog and Win - your trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

Blog and Win – your trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

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What do I need to do to win?

The competition begins on 1st June 2017; and closes 15th August.

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The trip has to take place during the month of October 2017. Please see the Rules and Regulations that you must accept. 

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Blog and Win - your trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

Blog and Win – your trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

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We will be looking for:

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What happens when I win??

We will select the lucky winner and tell them by 25th August – don’t forget to check your mail because we will plan to announce it within 72 hours – if not, we will choose another winner. Please see the Rules and Regulations.

Blog and Win - your trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

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Things to see and do in Munich this April

Things to see and do in Munich this April

Kiss goodbye to those long winter months and embrace spring and all the fun it has to offer in Munich’s buzzing city streets. Check out these things to see and do in Munich this April! 

Oktoberfest 2016 Arrives in Munich

Sample some serious Bavarian beer! 

During the period of lent some of the city’s breweries serve strong beer. 

March 10 – April 8, 2017  STRONG BEER SEASON

The fifth season in Bavaria. Strong beer is served during lent by many breweries. One of the highlights is the “Derbleck’n” of politicians in the Paulaner beer hall at Nockherberg

things to do in Munich this April

Welcome spring to Munich and join the spring festival!

Munich’s Spring Festival is not to be missed. The celebration known locally as Kleine Schwester des Oktoberfestes or Oktoberfest’s Little Sister, is a two week celebration of spring held in the best of Bavarian style- with beer and fun!

The festival sees people gathering at Theresienwiese to join the crowds enjoying fairground rides including the massive Ferris wheel, listening to live music and drinking Bavaria’s finest brews in the beer hall that seats 2,000 people!

This year’s celebration takes place from April 21 to May 7 and starts with a parade and Böllerschützen, where small hand cannons are fired into the sky.

Don’t miss this chance to toast the beginning of spring.

For more information click here.

Things to see and do in Munich this April

Discover Munich’s most famous market

If you want to get to know Munich then make a date with the famous Auer Dult folk market and celebration!

The world-famous market is held only three times a year, and has been since ancient times. This spring the first market of the year is on April the 29th in the traditional surroundings of Mariahilfplatz.

This iconic square is transformed into an enormous bustling market, (stalls are open 10.00 -20.00), where everything you can imagine is sold from clothes, antiques, rare books and much, much more.

This is more than a well-loved market, it’s a giant celebration with fairground rides, stalls serving traditional Bavarian food and delicious beers in the beer garden! This is your chance to party with the locals and you can even buy a pair of lederhosen!

Things to see and do in Munich this April

Don’t miss the erecting of Munich’s celebrated Maypoles!

Celebrating May Day in Munich has always been a big deal for communities in the city. Each area builds a Maypole – literally a massive brightly painted wooden pole decorated with ribbons and flowers- to mark the first of May and to compete with neighbouring areas to have the biggest and the best!

If you’re in Munich on the 1st of May make sure you watch the traditional celebrations. It is traditional that each district tries to steal the other Maypole before it has been put up for a ransom!

Once the poles are up then the beer drinking begins! Don’t miss out on this colourful celebration of springtime.

For more information click here

Things to see and do in Munich this April

Spring brings the opening of Munich’s famous beer gardens!

You know that the winter months are behind you and that summer is just around the corner when Munich’s famed beer gardens open for business. 

The city has a wealth of biergartens to choose from- over 200 crowd the city.

Some of the best know include the Königlicher Hirschgarten which is the largest beer garden in Munich and Bavaria- it seats 8,000 people! It serves traditional food and Bavaria’s renowned beer in the beautiful surroundings of Hirschgarten recreational park.

Another is the traditional Augustiner Keller beer garden which has been around in Munich for a very long time and serves Bavarian delicacies to enjoy with the traditionally fine and strong Bavarian beers.

We hope you enjoyed our Things to see and do in Munich this April! Book your bed with us at Euro Youth Hotel!

Ten things to do in Munich this March



Ten things to do in Munich this March

Spring is coming soon and we’re loving it – here are ten things to do in Munich this March from sports to parades for you to enjoy it! You can still enjoy skiing in the nearby mountains and all the goodness of Munich in the winter, but the weather is warming up and we’re already looking forward to some spring activities.

Ten things to do in Munich this March

Ten things to do in Munich this March

1. Watch World-class German Football

What better way to kick off March that with a football match between giants of the sport? FC Bayern Munich, the top team in the Bundesliga, and FC Schalke, the second largest football club in Germany, will meet on the first of March in the DFB Cup competition at Bayern’s home ground the Allianz Arena.

The Allianz Arena is a celebrated landmark of the Munich skyline. The Arena’s eye-catching architecture with its 3,000 cushions of air that make up the façade that is lit to create a futuristic and beautiful effect and home to football at its best. It hosted the 2006 Football World Cup!

If you’re not a fan (yet) then this is the best way to get to grips with the world-famous Bundesliga. Don’t miss out on being part of the incredible atmosphere of a live game of football delivered by the masters of the sport!

Bayern Munich Training

Bayern Munich Training

2. Wash your wallet with the locals!

On 1st of March (at 11.30am), join local people at the Fischbrunnen in Marienplatz in the unusual activity of washing your wallet or purse in the newly cleaned fountain to bring financial luck for the year ahead!

This tradition dating back to the fifteenth century is still popular and a fun way to join the people of Munich in keeping up old customs and you never know- it just might work!

3. German food at its best

For dining in style try Broeding. This popular and friendly restaurant even serves up an amazing six course tasting menu with excellent wine. Broeding is also a well-known wine shop and knows exactly how to pair its glorious menu with the most delectable of vintages.

On Wednesday the 1 March, Ash Wednesday, this celebrated restaurant will be producing an amazing fish menu to mark this date.

Goerreshof is another well-loved friendly restaurant with an excellent reputation for its Bavarian menu with generous portions (the Schnitzel is highly praised) and naturally you can get great beer.

Goerreshof is family friendly and a popular spot to try Bavarian cooking at its best. Booking is recommended.

Ten things to do in Munich this March

4. Discover Bavarian treasure at the Flohmarkt Riem

If you want to see the true Bavaria then what better way to do this than by joining the Flohmarkt Riem or flea market?

Munich’s Flohmarkt Riem, is one of the largest in the country and is the perfect place to uncover the pre-loved treasure of Munich. If you like a bargain or simply want to wonder the stalls and eat local delicacies then make a date with this shoppers dream! It takes place at the Messeturm on Saturday 4 March (6am-4pm).

5. Art for all

The Pinakothek Museums are three individual – but related – museums in the beautiful city centre. These include the Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and the hugely popular Pinakothek der Moderne – a massive modern art museum. This March why not go and visit the amazing collection to amaze and inspire the art lover or new comer to modern art alike.

If you want to see some of the best modern art in Europe then make sure you visit this cathedral to art. It is currently hosting exhibitions including “Paint On. Dimensions of the Painterly”.
Ten things to do in Munich this March

See men fly in the Olympic Stadium

The hottest import from the US is its basketball and it doesn’t get better than seeing the Harlem Globetrotters roll into town for an unforgettable one-off night of basketball wizardry! Check ticket as they will sell out soon! March 16th

This is your chance to see inside the mighty Olympic Stadium with the barnstorming event to match this huge location; Munich’s largest.

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Ten things to do in Munich this March

Circus spectacle in Munich

If you want your entertainment to be spectacular then make sure that a visit to Circus Krone is on your itinerary. Circus Krone is one of the largest circuses in Europe, housed in a massive permanent building.

March sees a new show begin at the famed venue where you can be dazzled by the incredible feats of daring and dexterity. This circus tours for most of the year so grab a seat at one of its March shows before the circus literally leaves town!

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Celebrate Bavarian style

Bavarian bier is best experienced in the authentic atmosphere of a Munich beer hall. Oktoberfest aside, the best way to taste beer is at one of the city’s beer halls.

Hofbräuhaus is possibly the best known of Munich’s beer halls but there are many more to whet your appetite and relax in the traditional surroundings serving some of the best beer in the world.

Hamlet in Munich

This is one for theatre lovers and a chance to see the famous Danish King on stage in this forth coming adaptation. If theatre is on your menu in Munich then make a date with the forthcoming production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Christopher Rüping.

Culture doesn’t get more highbrow or universal in its theme than this iconic Shakespearean play. This new production is on stage at The Munich Kammerspiele, the renowned and historic Art Nouveau Municipal Theatre from the 1-23 March.

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Ten things to do in Munich this March

The luck of the Irish

Bavarian’s love to celebrate St Patrick’s Day but to do it in style they wait for the weekend to really let their hair down!

On 22 March join the crowds lining the streets of Munich in a parade to mark this ever popular celebration of all things Irish!

Revellers will lead the parade to Odeonsplatz where after the traditional blessing of the shamrock, there will be live Celtic music and dancing, stalls selling beer and a party atmosphere! There will also be live bands and dancers performing in Wittelsbacherplatz.

Munich knows how to celebrate so come and join the people on the streets to be part of the global party for St Patrick.

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Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Mozart, the Sound of Music, Alpine views – what about a day trip to Austria? Salzburg may be in neighbouring Austria but this gem of a city is only 2 hours on a scenic train ride from Munich! Why not take advantage of such good news and take a day trip to Salzburg from Munich. 

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Nestled in the Austrian Alps, Salzburg is a beautifully preserved medieval town with the 900 year-old Festung Hohnensalzburg (fort) looking down over the old town and dominating the city’s skyline. Explore the medieval streets and see the spectacular Domkirche Cathedral and palaces in this scenic city. Also famous for chocolates and patisseries, there are countless places to grab a coffee and something sweet and watch the bustling city. 

In the summer they have the awesome Salzburg festival and there are events all year round. Check the timetable of what’s on as they have concerts at the fortress! 

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Mozart’s manuscript

Mozart’s Hometown 

For Mozart fans you can visit his childhood house complete with musical instruments along with his birthplace and some favourite spots of his including cafes and his hang outs.

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Beer World – Stiegl-Brauwelt

Stiehl-Brauwelt is Salzburg’s oldest privately-owned brewery (525 years!!) and you can hot spot on our list of places to visit! There’s a beer tower, a cinema experience and of course – you can sample the beer! There are all kind of facts to learn about the beer making process – find out how the horses used to deliver the beer from the brewery around the town. 

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich
Salzburg’s Ice Caves

If you have time then visit Salzburg’s ice caves – the largest in the world and filled with spectacular ice sculptures. There’s a labyrinth of pathways amongst the caves and almost 30 miles of underground network to explore – don’t get lost! These are above the nearby village of Werfen and open from May to October. They’re underground (and made of ice…) so dress up warm!! 

Hit the ski slopes

If you’re visiting in winter you can also go skiing in Salzburg if you’re staying a bit longer! There are free bus transfers from the slopes to the centre from December until March 19th. In summer you can do the Sound of Music tour of course – watch the lush green hills come alive!

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Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich

We hope you enjoyed our tips for how to Take a Day Trip to Salzburg from Munich