Ski Day Trips from Munich

Check out these Ski Day Trips around Bavaria from Munich

All this snow is making us itch to hit the slopes! If wintersports and fluffy powder are your thing, then check out our recs for a cheeky day trip from Munich – we have Olympic slopes just a ski pole away!

Luckily the transport network is efficient and snow bunnies have been catered for, with great links to nearby mind blowing mountains. Whether you fancy a day trip or want to make a holiday out of it, you’ve got some great options for skiing or snowboarding near Munich. From Olympic standard slopes to beginners, there are a whole host of nearby sites in the joyful Bavarian Alps! Let’s go on the piste!


Ski Day Trips around Munich

Quick Trips – Day Trip it from Munich

Day trips are entirely possible if you can get yourself up bright and early and head to the station. There are the famous Garmisch-Classic or Zugspitze ski areas accessible by train, and Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld and Brauneck. For the more adventurous there’s also Bergbahnen Hindelang-Oberjoch if you want to make a longer trip.

The famous Zugspitze

The famous Zugspitze

Where to go

Alpsee-Grünten in Allgäu

One of Germany’s most famous winter regions, there are 20km of ski runs here for your delectation and you can bounce into the chairlift straight from the station. There is also night skiing and a fun park for those looking for some extra adventure. Get the lowdown on the whole area and all the ski options here

This famous resort area has it all only one hour south of Munich. This beautiful Alpine town is surrounded by scenic mountains offers up some great photos ops with traditional houses and snowy peaks. It’s a lively town with lots of history and things to do for those not wanting to ski all the time. There is also the Zugspitze mountain waiting for the adventurous; at 2,500 it is guaranteed to have snow most of the year round. If you’re up to the challenge then there is Super-G Course with awesome views of mountain peaks up to the horizon.

Zugspitze has some big claims for world records also….

The world’s highest cable car support tower at 127m
The greatest altitude difference of 1,945m (yikes)
The world’s longest free span covering 3,213m
From the 360 degree panorama you can see mountain peaks from four countries!
Ski Day Trips around Munich


This is much higher altitude so good snow and a bit chilly – but super world class and good for pros and those who like to feel their thighs burn on the steep slopes! They are also open until 9pm.

For day tripping snow bunnies there is a Combi Ticket for train and ski pass with the Alpen Plus cable cars and ski resorts. You can go to either Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld or Brauneck. The first is better for beginners and intermediates rather than advanced. You can find out about the combination ticket here

There are happy hour ski passes, family days, ladies days, night skiing and all the latest ski condition reports on the Alpen Plus website – it also has information on how to get there from Munich.

If you’re heading to Bergbahnen Hindelang-Oberjoch find out more here

Ski Day Trips around Bavaria from Munich

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Visit Munich Christmas Markets 2018

Munich Christmas Markets 2018
Book your trip to visit Munich Christmas Markets  2018


If Father Christmas (or de Weihnacktsmann) is going to be getting ready for the big day anywhere this season it will be at Munich’s famed Christkindlmarkt (or Christmas market) that takes over the scenic Marienplatz square and surroundings from 27 November all the way until the big night, Christmas Eve. So, if you know your gingerbread from your glugwein, you’ve just found the hottest ticket in town!

One of the highlights for festive lovers is to watch the gigantic Christmas tree’s thousands of lights switched on (27th of November); this announces the opening of the market and the true beginning of Christmas in the city. This year the tree has come from the pretty Bavarian town of Burghausen and is at the centre of the city’s traditional celebrations.

Visit Munich Christmas Markets 2018
The Christmas tree by St Michael’s Church is also the spot to head to if you like the idea of adding your own voice to the Christmas cheer when you join professional Bavarian musicians in singing traditional carols under the tree as part of celebration of yuletide joy.

If you want to add your voice to the angelic sounds of Christmas you can on the 29th of November and again on the 6th, 13th and 20th of December at 17.00 on the church forecourt.

Visit Munich Christmas Markets 2018

For lovers of traditional Christmas magic then make your way to Rindermarkt where the “Square of Stars” can be found. Here in this pretty illuminated area you will be able to indulge in traditional Bavarian delicacies like Bratwurst, fish soup and heart and hand warming heated beer to keep the winter chills at bay while you shop the stalls filled with traditional crafts, gifts, sweets and warm fuzzy fun!

The Krampus

While Munich plays host to Germany’s largest nativity market, which is full of the beautiful stuff of angels and the story of Christmas, the lesser known side of local tradition may surprise some. The Krampus is a hairy and scary mythical figure in Bavarian and neighbouring Austria, this beastly creature traditionally worked with Saint Nicholas to scare children into behaving! Yikes, I think we all prefer to present bringing Santa!

If you’re game for some fun and you’re not easily scared you can watch the “Sparifankerl Pass”  where groups of people wear elaborate costumes and horned masks to become the shaggy legendary Krampus. They literally chase around the market causing mischief on the 9th and 23rd of December between 15.00 until17.00. The role of the Krampus is to amuse and not to scare; these cheeky creatures add some theatrical fun to the celebrations!

Visit Munich Christmas Markets 2018

A Krampus!


If you prefer your fun to be less dramatic you can join the crowds who can’t resist becoming the audience watching the traditional style Punch and Judy puppet shows over four advent Sundays in December for those of you who can’t resist entertaining your inner child!  Found in the passage to the Rathausinnenhof (Prunkhof), there are two shows to catch at 14.00 and 15.00. The perfect traditional break from all that eating and drinking!

Munich’s Christkindlmarkt is one of the most magical in Germany and a great chance to embrace the warm, delicious and joyful side of Christmas and the perfect chance to buy some uniquely beautiful gifts. Here’s a toast to cheerful singing and sharing many glasses of glugwein. Prost!

Visit Munich Christmas Markets 2018

Open daily from 10am right until the evening time, except on Sundays when it packs up at 20.00 and on Christmas Eve when it closes at 14.00 just to make sure everyone has enough time to get your stockings ready for Saint Nicholas!

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Halloween in Munich

Happy Halloween Munich Lovers!

Us Bavarians love an excuse to party and Halloween is a full weekend of spine tingling fun for all our guest. Not only does Euro Youth Hotel throw the best Halloween celebrations in town (a whole weekend of partying!), the city also celebrates with some frightening fun.

Halloween is new to Germany and sprang up in 1991 when the Fasching celebrations were cancelled due to the Gulf War and a new celebration was chosen, but we’re embracing the party fun here at Euro Youth.

Halloween in Munich
Trick or Treat 

The modern Halloween as you know it is imported from America as with most of Europe and involves costumes, dressing up to frighten your neighbours and asking them for sweets. The tradition of ‘Trick or Treating’ or “Süßes oder Saures” is popular with the kids (similar to the the Martinstag celebrations in November where children sing for sweets round the neighbourhood with lanterns).

31st October – Halloween

As the day before All Saints Day (1st November), all parties must finish at 2am, so the weekend before usually provides some late night fun. If you’re dressing up for Halloween then it has to be along the spooky theme, it hasn’t become like carnival yet!
Halloween in Munich

Party with us at The Euro Bar this Halloween
We’re throwing a weekend of fun for our guests – with The Great Euro Halloween Weekend!

Check out band ‘Right About 2‘ live on Saturday night from 9pm onwards or join in early for a 5pm kick off! You know you want to!! With prizes for the best costumes on Friday 27th and Wednesday 31st there’s reason to celebrate. Get your best fright night face on and get yourself to the bar!

  • Ghastly Shot specials all night long!!
  • Free Face Paint
  • Prizes for Costumes Friday
  • Live Music Saturday from 9pm
  • Beer pong and Live Sports Sunday Fun Day
  • Halloween party with DJ Wednesday 31st
  • Free City Ghost Tour on 31st at 7.30pm!This is the best place in Munich for Genuine Backpackers – see you at our Famous Hostel in Munich – Euro Youth Hotel!

Oktoberfest 2018 Arrives in Munich

Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich

Calling all Beer Lovers

Dust off your dirndl for the beer-lovers highlight of the year as Oktoberfest arrives in Munich this month! This is the world’s largest and of course the best traveling funfair and beer fest together; known to us a Volksfest. Lasting an endurance-testing 16-18 days, this popular festival is held annually in Munich and attracts visitors from all over the world (more than 6 million) to come and enjoy the world class beer, cultural events and the fun of the fair!!

Oktoberfest 2018 Arrives in Munich

Bavarian Tradition

This is not just a giant piss-up, although clearly the ‘8 million litres of beer consumed’ part of the fest does encourage some rowdy celebration; it’s also an important part of Bavarian culture, and historically has been kind of a big deal since 1810. Originally a wedding party for royals Ludwig and Therese, the citizens were invited to ‘Theresa’s Meadow’ to celebrate the nuptials with horse races, costumed performances and singing; then it became an annual shin-dig and Oktoberfest was born.

Oktoberfest 2018 Arrives in Munich
Game on – Tapping the First Keg

It all begins with opening that first keg, and then all chaos  breaks loose! Well, the celebrations are then officially ‘on’. Since the 1850s the order of play has been the same; a 12-gun salute and the tapping of the first keg at 12pm. The Mayor of Munich doing the honours, with the famous “O`zapft is!” shout (“it’s tapped!”), the first litre is then given to the Minister-President of Bavaria to get cracking with.

Oktoberfest 2018 Arrives in Munich
The Beer Tents

Famously there are beer tents set up to enjoy your six Bavarian brews – you’ll need to get there early to get a prime spot, and there’s a choice of larger or smaller tents to try out if you’re on the hoof. The beer is strong and the beer snacks and traditional Bavarian food are excellent, so we fully encourage you to enjoy them both together to prolong your drinking experience!

Oktoberfest 2018 Arrives in Munich


During the day the music is kept to traditional folk and brass bands and the atmosphere is encouraged to be family friendly rather than too party excessive (pace yourself and you can enjoy that later!) And currently you can still smoke inside the tents although there are no smoking areas (after some fuss) so if you’re not a smoker you might want to bag one of these areas!
Oktoberfest 2018 Arrives in Munich
Order of Events

There are now a few ‘Oktoberfests’ worldwide, but non can compare to the original and the best! Here’s what to expect at this year’s….

The Festival takes place on over 34 hectares of space, with new rides at the fair ground this year and over 250 food stalls! There are 16 small and big beer tents with space for 120,000 guests at once – Tuesday is the official family days with special offers for kids and families then. Remember there are six traditional Munich breweries offering beer to taste at the Oktoberfest.

Along with the tapping of the keg on day one, there are two parades held with the traditional marksmen’s club and beer-tent waitresses and the publicans before the official start – joining at the Wiese at the end. A more new part of the tradition is a Gay Day which is on the first Sunday.

Find out how to get to and from the event here


Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for you
Backpacking around Europe means preparing for some serious adventure with some crazy stories of highs and lows, although we love a good laugh (afterwards) about the things that went wrong, finding a cool hostel shouldn’t be one of them! Dodge a bullet of weird neighbours, dark hovels and an antisocial vibe and just stay somewhere awesome – with Famous Hostels!
Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe


To be a ‘Famous Hostel’ (one of the chosen ones per destination in Europe), the hostel must be the BEST OF THE BEST; location, atmosphere, cool factor, vibe, safety, security, good value and of course just overall awesomeness. These hostels are hand selected for being Famously good, if you like, and the best place for genuine backpackers to want to stay. Looking for a local experience? You’ve got it. Looking for the secret cool stuff? They know it all. This is the place to meet like minded people from all over the world and have the best EXPERIENCE. Party, explore, discover, repeat.

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Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe


A Famous Hostel offers the best experience in its location. The hostel is chosen for being the best choice for a genuine backpacker. It’s that simple! They are all different and offer their own unique vibe, but they’re all awesome! Cook local in Lisbon with Oasis, Party in Barcelona with Kabul, Beach Club it in Rimini with Sunflower, or go wakeboarding in Nice with Villa St Exupery. They all offer FUN and a great genuine backpacker EXPERIENCE.

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

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Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Hostels in Europe

How to Watch the World Cup 2018 in Munich

The FIFA World Cup 2018

As all football lovers will know, every four years there is natural occurrence that demands all our attention as we pick a team, maybe have a flutter, and eat, sleep, and dream football. Yes, the FIFA World Cup 2018 is upon us and the hopes of lifting the Jules Rimet trophy. Not only will we of course be showing every match on our giant screens in the Euro Youth Bar (open to guests at the Hotel & Hostel), but we will also be creating the most awesome atmosphere in town to watch the game, and probably the best happy hour deals too.

Here’s a look at how the next few beautiful weeks are going to play out in Russia, and how we will be celebrating a German win – AGAIN! Here’s how to Watch the World Cup 2018 in Munich!

How to Watch the World Cup 2018 in Munich

How to Watch the World Cup 2018 in Munich

The Footy World Cup 2018 Begins

The first match is always a crowd pleaser as everyone tunes in to see the host play and check what’s going on – even if it’s the most outside running teams. We love watching the less highly ranked teams playing their hearts out (despite the fact we always beat them). Remember that time Scotland almost beat Brazil? And that whole South Korea and Japan thing had everyone flabbergasted. Anything can happen, and this is the first opportunity to warm up some phrases that we will be shouting at the TV for the next few weeks. And don’t forget, if you want to pretend the football isn’t happening at all, you should enjoy some evenings out with Italian friends who will really not bring it up once, guaranteed!
The Matches that we know about…
So obviously the first matches have been drawn, and we know who is up against whom for the group matches! Exciting stuff. But the real thrill comes when we get to fill in the wall chart for the next rounds and pencil in our team for the final. Oh yes. We can always scrub it out later (the pain of many an England supporter since 1966).

So, first up is…

The opening game is Russia Vs Arabia, but we’re more excited about seeing Spain V neighbouring Portugal on the second day, 15th June- both excellent teams with fire in their Iberian bellies. France plays Australia Saturday so get yourself a seat for Les Bleus. Sunday sees Germany’s debut against Mexico – should be a fun match with very different playing styles, and likewise with Brazil and Switzerland later the same day. England are going head to head with Tunisia on the Monday evening, and neighbouring Poland plays Senegal Tuesday. Crucial games which can go completely wrong for the stronger side (and often do) will come later in the group stages – watch this space.

The Matches that we don’t know about…

Much like weapons of mass destruction and who has plutonium, what happens after the group phases is a hot topic of massive speculation and heady claims. We’re not going to start a war over it, but we will definitely be throwing some Jaegerbombs down us at the bar. This is also an exciting space for those who like to wager a bet (we of course don’t advocate betting anything other than bar snacks on a match), as the outcome of the group stages is only known by that psychic octopus and this year’s special deaf cat, Achilles. Is Russia likely to be crowned King on their home turf? Will Spain get their winning streak back? The one thing we do know is that Italy won’t…


How to behave during a World Cup Match

Unfortunately there are always those who take their excitement too far and spoil the game for everyone else, so here are our tips on how to best comport yourself whilst watching the matches abroad. Be a shining example for your country – especially if you’re watching in someone else’s!

Have a sing song

We love a Teutonic singalong, especially as the German anthem is the most catchy, so get involved! Each game is going to begin with a National Anthem blasted out and sung by most of the players. Some of these tunes are really high spirited and will make you a little emotional – feel free to get carried away even if you don’t know the words or like the team. The French one is particularly bouncy, although Germany is the all time favourite. Learning the first line will make you friends and then you can quickly get to the bar humming the rest before the first whistle goes.

Every language has an ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’ that can signify how nearly someone scored, or how well someone defended. You can appropriate one in another language if you happen to be supporting globally. A simple ‘boff’ will work in French for a bad shot, and an ‘ole’ in Spanish for a good one. Arm waving and head grabbing are also well understood international semaphore. If you’re watching Brazil play and they’re not playing your team, then you have the advantage of laughing and smiling throughout, knowing that it’s going to be a great game and you can practice some Samba moves at every goal. Easy to make friends at one of these matches. Even if you’re the losing team.

The FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018

Celebrating a Goal

Fortunately ‘Goal’ is pretty much understood in context by all World Cup enthusiasts (although we call it a Tor in German), so feel free to shout this out when one occurs. If you’re from South America or the Mediterranean you should take a really deep breath and yell this for as long as possible, hold that note like you’re on stage at an operetta and keep going while your face goes beetroot. Dance around and hug your neighbours at each one of these. Even if it wasn’t their team, they might feel a bit better if you let them join in celebrating.

Some key vocab for the beautiful game
If your a footy newbie but want to embrace the game and find friends in the crowd, maybe start your practice with a light applause and ‘good shot’, ‘oooh’, ‘well defended!’, and of course we can all think of some things to shout at the referee, should we disagree with his whistle!

Remember, it’s all about the winning not the taking part, so act dramatic if your team loses, and go mental if it wins.

Most of all, may the best team win!

The FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018

We hope you enjoy your World Cup 2018 viewing with us at the Euro Youth Bar. Don’t forget we have the best happy hour in town and awesome big screens. We also have the best crowd and fabulous bar staff. What more could you want apart from a guaranteed win??
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Top 5 Instagrammable spots in Munich

Don’t miss out on our top 5 most Instagrammable spots in Munich!!

We know you want to experience the Bavarian goodness, but let’s face it, you’re also keen to get a sneaky pic of the best and most instagrammable places we’ve got. Here’s our recommendations so you can tick off your Instagram bucket list and then go enjoy a beer tour. The naturalist section of the Englischer Garten is at your own risk!

Top 5 Instagrammable spots in Munich

Instagram spot number one! #Eins

Surf’s up – Check out the Eisbach surfers

This famous man-made wave on the river Isar is a well known spot for checking out the local surf talent. In the scenic surroundings of the English Garden, you can watch from the bridge as the surfers take it in turns to catch a wave on the river. Note that this is more for watching than participating – you have to be a confident surfer to have a go on the wave and avoid injury. Best viewed in summer, this is an all year round activity and a great spot to check out some local talent! Get yourself down there for some happy snapping surfer action! #Eisbach

Top 5 Instagrammable spots in Munich

Instagram spot number one! #Zwei

Viktualienmarkt’s Maypole

In the centre of this open-air market you can spot this famous erection – it’s Munich’s maypole. The Maibaum is a well known meeting spot for locals due to it’s height and location in the middle of this bustling year-round market. Decked out with Bavarian decorations this is a symbol of munich and loved by Instagrammers everywhere. (There is a tradition of stealing them so we can’t guarantee it will be there!) #Maibaum

Top 5 Instagrammable spots in Munich

Instagram spot number one! #Drei

Monopterus in the English Garden.

This open air pavillion is a joy of white pillars in a prime spot in the scenic English Garden (or Englischer Garten if you speak the lingo). There are actually some live music concerts here that if you’re lucky you might catch, if not then it’s a place for a beer and a picnic or a stroll past as you enjoy the joy of the gardens! #Monopterus

Top 5 Instagrammable spots in Munich

Instagram spot number one! #Vier


This central square and home to a lot of Munich’s great architecture is well loved for being the heart of the city and site of the town halls old and new. This is the commercial center also so if you’re exploring the shops or here for the Christmas markets you will be passing through – this is one of the most scenic spots at Christmas time. There’s a big Marian column in the centre to mark the end of Swedish occupation so it’s a historical spot to get yourself a selfie with some fine Bavarian history. #Marienplatz
Top 5 Instagrammable spots in Munich

Instagram spot number one! #Fünf

Panoramic Views

Best tried on a sunny day for a peak at the Bavarian Alps, this is the best place in town to get high and check out this little stunner of a view from the roof of the glorious St. Peter’s church. Hard to beat this panorama from another point in the city, it’s high ranking on the Instagood scale. There’s a small fee to enter the tower and use their 299 stairs, but it’s one of the best views in Munich! Not recommended for those with vertigo or poor health – you’ve got to climb the tower!
We hope you enjoyed our article on where to find your most coveted and instagrammable spots in Munich. Now get out there and enjoy the rest of what this fine city has to offer!!

What to See in Munich this Spring

Check out what’s happening in Munich this spring time!

As much as Bavaria is beautiful in the snow, we’re just about ready to get our spring in gear and welcome the return of beer gardens. This is what to do in Munich this spring time!

Munich is Bavaria’s pumping heart and as winter finally disappears it’s time to embrace the longer and lighter days of spring and join the city’s bustling streets. Take in the lively nightlife and festivals and don’t miss out on the cultural “must-sees” – Munich is in bloom in spring!

What to see in Munich this Spring

What to see in Munich this Spring

Don’t miss the Auer Dult! 

Three times a year the streets around the ancient Mariahilf Church blossom into a celebration at the arrival of spring when the Maidult or Spring Fair comes to town (29 April -7 May).

Munich has a long tradition of fairs or “dult” dating back as far as 1310! These seasonal celebrations have been held at this historic square since 1905 and are famed for their party atmosphere offering fun for everyone.

You can take a whirl on traditional fairground rides, browse a world of amazing bargains and treats on the many stalls that fill the streets, and there’s even a traditional Bavarian beer garden so that you can kick back after all that shopping!

The dult is popular with locals and tourists alike, so prepare yourself for some serious shopping competition! You will find traditional crafts, china, jewellery, book and food at the fair and of course, this is the perfect chance to find out how locals like to relax.

For more information on the Auer Dult visit here

What to see in Munich this Spring

What to see in Munich this Spring

Join the Circus! 

Make the most of the last days of the famed Circus Krone’s very last shows of the season (1 March – 8 April). This historical circus takes place at the magnificent purpose-built Circus Krone building which can seat a huge 3,000 capacity audience.

These shows are must in the Munich calendar and particularly especially this season as this is the swansong show of the renowned circus director Christel Sembach-Krone.

A date with Circus Krone will have you witnessing death defying tricks, giggling at the clowns, and watching the magic of a remarkable series of animal stars including magnificent elephants, tigers, horses and lions take to the ring!

To find out more please visit the Circus here


Be part of Munich’s Long Night of Music! 

Munich is a city that has a reputation for knowing how to have fun, and this spring the Long Night of Music event (28-29 April) is the spot to find out just how much!

Over two days, Musiknacht, will be celebrated with 400 different musical performances taking place at 100 different venues around the city. There will be music of every variety and in all sorts of exciting places too, in clubs, the streets, churches and even a tram!

Simply buy a ticket wrist band and you can travel between live events on shuttle buses or on foot to make the most of the smorgasbord of musical entertainment on offer!

Take this opportunity to rock out or simply relax to a classical concert at Munich’s musical take over.

Don’t miss out on this event in Munich in April – find out more visit Munich’s Long Night of Music here


Strong Beer Festival

What could be more Bavarian than joining the locals in sampling the very best in traditional brewing this spring?

This March, the city’s second largest celebration of beer takes place with the much-loved Strong Beer Festival (2 -25 March).

Since the fifteenth century, special strong beer has been brewed to mark the time of lent, in the run up to Easter. Starkbierfests are held at many of the cities famous breweries but perhaps the best known is the Paulaner Nockherberg, where the very first festival took place.

The festival is more than just drinking beer and being happy with thousands of new friends, there is also traditional live music performed by Oktoberfest bands, a delicious array of traditional Bavarian food on offer including Haxen, duck and much more!

To find out more visit here


Word up! 

If you’re down with the latest in trends why not join the audience and watch a live poetry slam in Munich’s Volkstheater on 24 March (8pm)?

Here national champions and the latest in up and coming verbal talent will parade their skills and wow the audience with a live celebration of the spoken word at its outrageous best with live music to keep the fun coming!

To find out more visit here


What to see in Munich this Spring

Hot musical property

This spring there’s a chance to get under the skin of Germany’s musical mega stars when the multi-award winning rap artist Prince Pi, takes to the stage at Munich’s Muffatwerk, Muffathalle as part of his world tour.

Already an artist with three number one album’s to his name Prince Pi can be expected to be hot ticket in town so if you want to find out what music has the cool young things of Munich excited get yourself down there!

To find out more about Prince Pi visit here

What to see in Munich this Spring

Cultural first – Paul Klee

Make sure you catch the first major exhibition of iconic painter Paul Klee, when this ground-breaking show comes to one of the world’s most celebrated museums of modern art, the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Paul Klee. Construction of Mystery (1 March-10 June) is Munich’s celebration of the Bauhaus master painter. Paintings from around the world have been brought together to mark this Swiss German artists most celebrated works.

To find out more please visit the Pinakothek der Moderne here

Now spring is here make the most of the fun on offer across the city of Munich, there’s something for everyone whether you’re here to party, relax, sightsee or simply take in the city’s cultural gems.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to what’s on in Munich this Spring – book your bed with us at Euro Youth Hotel Munich!

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Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Find the Best of Bavaria with these great travel apps for backpackers!

Looking to find where to go and what to see in and around Munich?? There’s an app for that.

If you’re lucky enough to have time to explore some of Bavaria then there are also some great tips for where to go for day trips and further. Check out these top apps for making the most of your trip when backpacking Bavaria!

What to see in Munich this Spring

Everything Munich – The Official App (

This is the tourist board app that has everything Munich listed, from practical information that you can search by distance to what’s going down in town. Great place to start if you want to know what’s going on and discover the city. Find sights, events, and of course, beer halls! or Munich Offline Maps

Find your way around without worrying about your data -simply download or all your maps to use offline! This will make your life easier getting around town, and also points out places of interest around. Munich offline maps also has a great metro map for finding your way around underground.

What to see in Munich this Spring

Munich Travel Guide by Triposo

This guide works offline and has a whole host of recommended site seeing, and a handy restaurant search. Find some great food and cool bars – and plan your triposo!

This is the place to find out all about Oktoberfest! With a lot of people, tents and things to see and do – you’ll probably want this handy app to help you around – it also has all the events in the calendar so you don’t miss out. You’ll definitely be grateful for the map after a few drinks.

Palace app – Schlosspark Nymphenburg

The famous palace isn’t free to enter but the gardens are, and they have their own app to find your way around their vast 180 acre park! Not just for plant fanatics, there are lots of park sites and pre-loaded tours to check out – all data free.

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Public Transport – MVV

This is your public transport go-to app. Not only a journey planner but you can also get messages about live updates, such as cancellations, and you can buy tickets online – always at the lowest prices. There is also the MVG Fahrinfo app which is similar but without bookings.

Clubbing – Clubago

If you want to hit the dance floor, or simply sip a cocktail, then you can search Clubago for local nightlife tailored to your needs. Find your preferences and let the night unfurl!


Football – Bayern Munich

If you’re a Bayern Munich fan then you’re going to want to have this little beauty to get all the latest news from this awesome mega team. Find out what’s new, see live tv, videos, score updates – everything you can think of to do with enjoying the match – apart from being there live…

Top Travel Apps for Backpacking around Munich

Exploring – Komoot

Enjoy the mountains and lakes without getting hopelessly lost! Komoot is a tool that help you finds your way around your local country environment, so if you’re hiking or biking then you can find trails and routes and add points to maps. Since Munich is bang next to the Bavarian Alps, this is a great way to find your way through the mountains and woods and check out some of our glorious scenery! It can even talk to you – if you like!

We hop you enjoyed our Top Travel Apps for Backpacking Bavaria – book your bed with us at Euro Youth Hotel

The Best Places to Ski near Munich

Visit Munich and have a Day Trip Skiing!

Want to go skiing near Munich? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got Germany’s highest mountain a stone’s throw away – and Olympic sites. It doesn’t get much better than that… check out our Bavarian Alps!

What to see in Munich this Spring

We’ve got mountains! Come to visit Munich and you can enjoy a cheeky day skiing in our nearby beautiful Bavarian Alps. Efficient trains and mind blowing mountains make it a quick and easy experience from right on our doorstep. Here’s how to have a day out, or even make a weekend of it…

The Best Places to Ski near Munich

Bavarian Alps are the best

If you like a quickie: Day Trip it from Munich
Alpen Plus cable cars and ski resorts

From Munich you can easily enjoy a day trip skiing and still be back in the city for some chilled evening beers. There are the famous Garmisch-Classic or Zugspitze ski areas accessible by train, and Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld and Brauneck. For the more adventurous there’s also Bergbahnen Hindelang-Oberjoch if you want to make a longer trip.


On the piste

If you’re looking to head out for a day trip, your best bet is to get the Combi Ticket for train and ski pass with the Alpen Plus cable cars and ski resorts. You can go to either Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld or Brauneck. The first is better for beginners and intermediates rather than advanced. You can find out about the combination ticket here

There are happy hour ski passes, family days, ladies days, night skiing and all the latest ski condition reports on the Alpen Plus website – it also has information on how to get there from Munich.


The Joy of Ski

One hour south of Munich is the famous holiday destination of Garmisch-Partenkirchen; a beautiful Alpine town with great views and traditional houses. This lively town has plenty of history and offers the best way to get to the slopes and enjoy some of the natural beauty surrounding it. 

What to see in Munich this Spring

For a longer trip lovers: Weekend Away

Olympic Skiing at Garmisch and Zugspitze

If you want to see Germany’s biggest mountain- Zugspitze – then head to Garmisch – the site of the Winter Olympics and one of the best ski areas. Here you can get a combination train ticket and ski pass for not more than the pass alone; find out about times and prices here. If you’re heading to Bergbahnen Hindelang-Oberjoch find out more here


Get high in the mountains

If you want to experience the ‘top’ of Germany then look no further. We’ve got Mount Zugspitze in all its glory on our Bavarian doorstep. And – there is a new cable car to it. There are 3 world firsts here 

  1. The world’s highest cable car support tower at 127m
  2. The greatest altitude difference of 1,945m (don’t get sick)
  3. The world’s longest free span covering 3,213m

From the 360 degree panorama you can see mountain peaks from four countries! 

This is not only a great place to ski but there are also just amazing views, natural wonders and a cogwheel train so you can stay warm and look out the window instead. 

Find out more here


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